St. James the Apostle, Brampton

Anglican Church of Canada

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We at St. James strive, as members of the family of God, to be a welcoming community where, through the grace of God, having heard His Word we can make His will a reality in our own lives and the lives of others. As you visit our site we hope that you will get a feel for what our Parish is like but it goes without saying that you are always welcome to come, even if only for a visit, and get to know us better. Your presence and prayers can assist us in our spiritual journeys and rest assured of our prayers that God can use your contact with us, whether in person or through this site, to assist you in your spiritual journey.

It is said that the true values held by a Parish can be measured by where it places its resources, financial and otherwise. As you visit the various pages in this website we hope that you will see our commitment to vital worship, our Sunday School, other aspects of Christian education, participation in the wider Church and outreach to the community. If you simply wish a few quiet moments to rest and reflect we hope that you will find our Choir page helpful. If you wish to explore our faith we hope that you will visit some of our links as well as our own site.


Created in 1960 St. James the Apostle was the second Anglican Parish established in Brampton and we  celebrated our

25th Anniversary of our Sanctuary 

On various pages of this website you can learn about various celebrations including the visit of our Diocesan Bishop, The Most Rev’d Colin Johnson, Archbishop of Toronto and Metropolitan of Ontario in September 2010 and view our video of the celebration on May 16th with our Area Bishop, the Right Rev’d Philip Poole.