The St. James Window

The St. James Window, dedicated and installed on September 15th, 2013 by the Right Reverend Phillip Poole, Area Bishop, York – Credit Valley, was created by William Ford and Marilyn Pearce, members of St. James the Apostle Parish. The design is based on the crest used by the Cathedral in Toronto, also called St. James.

The SWORD represents the martyrdom of St. James who is traditionally considered to have been beheaded and was the first apostle to die for professing the Christian faith.

The BOAT ON WATER and the WALKING STICK signify the means of transport of pilgrims to the Cathedral of St. Iago de Compestello in Spain, reputed to be the place of his burial. (Iago is the Spanish equivalent of James.)

The SHELLS represent the sea and the family fishing business within which St. James grew up.


William (Bill) Ford & Marilyn Pearce with their creation.
William (Bill) Ford & Marilyn Pearce with their creation.