Confirmation Class

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Life is full of mystery and as we grow we change. As we get older we are called to make more and more decisions. You have now reached a point in your life where you have made a decision to be confirmed – to take on, for yourself, the vows made at your baptism. While it can be an exciting time it is also an awesome moment in the fullest sense of that word. The word of God and the works of God can fill us with awe.

We live in a world where we can see much good. It is the same world, however, in which we can see much evil. As we get older all of us find that life is full of opportunity but it also includes risk. We make decsions that are good ones but we are also at times tempted to or actually make decisions that aren’t so good – either for ourselves and/or for others. We at times look within ourselves and can clearly see the good yet on other days struggle to see beyond the selfishness and mistakes that sometimes haunt us.

There are those times when the presence of God is unquestionable. All feels right in our world and the path forward is clear. We will probably have some days however when we wonder where God is. Nothing seems right. We feel trapped. We see no way forward.

But always remember – on good days or days that aren’t so good- it is our faith in a creative, loving God, a compassionate, patient and forgiving Saviour and a powerful, life enhancing Holy Spirit who equips us as the people of God to be faithful to His will and to do His work walking the path that lies before us.

You have come to a crossroad in your life. As you move forward in faith you are upheld in prayer by your families and the Church. God bless you at this time and may you discern God’s place in your life.


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