Children & Youth

There’s a place for your family here!

Every parish loves to have children in their midst and St. James the Apostle is no exception. At St. James we have a Quiet Room where parents and children can go during the service if young children become restless. It is equipped with toys, access to a kitchenette and places to sit. One wall is made up of glass doors and speakers relay the service so parents can continue to be part of worship, while children are given more space to be children.

We also offer Sunday School, or what we call Kids Klub. Every other week there is a taught lesson that includes stories, crafts, discussion and prayer. On the alternate weeks, an age appropriate video is shown or a longer story is read, snacks are served and there is a time for discussion and prayer.

Youth are also very welcome, and as our children grow, we are always willing to develop programs for older youth as well.

Children of all ages and their families are very welcome at St. James the Apostle.